Industrial installation

Looking for your ideal industrial distribution partner who actually speaks your language? The itsme companies have over 100 years of experience in the industrial sector, which means that not only do we understand your needs, but we are keen to live up to our background by providing technical support for your project and by providing effective, on-site advice with regard to your logistics operations.

Whether you require special cabling in the petrochemicals sector, complex illumination projects in the food industry, high-quality applications or e-business solutions, we speak your language! Simply get in touch with one of our reliable advisers!

Our distribution centre is fully at your disposal and is able to supply client-specific stock to your site. When it comes to thinking along with your industrial clients or fulfilling complex technical challenges on site, you will find a committed partner in the form of Elektres. We hope that by working with us, you will feel at home in the industrial sector and we will be pleased to help you achieve success!