Manufacturing industry/OEM

itsme has been active in the machine engineering market for decades. The fact that OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) actually form the largest branch within itsme makes it unique amongst electrical engineering wholesalers and it indicates that as a serious partner, we understand that the total cost price of a machine consists of much more than the cost price of the products themselves.

Our involvement commences as early as the design and development stage, as every machine has its own specific properties. Based upon those characteristics, we will work with you in order to engineer the product based upon your own specifications, so as to provide you with the most cost-effective investment consisting of the best form-fit solution. What is more, we also provide reliable solutions when it comes to producing the machine and optimising your logistics. Pauses in production caused by a lack of materials will also become a thing of the past, thanks to itsme-VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) and kitting.
The itsme companies and solutions offer you the right materials at the right place and in the right quantity. Each one of our customers receives a tailor-made solution, so why not issue us with the challenge and we will produce a tailor-made solution that forms a perfect fit!