itsme is the expert in the European cable market. You are perhaps thinking: “cable is cable”, but it is not quite as simple as that. Every area in which cable is used has its own specific requirements. In the chemical world, different requirements are required compared to, for example, in the food industry; for example, whereas chemical resistance is required of the cable in the first instance, in the food industry the cable must comply with “cleanroom” quality standards.

Are you looking for a global standard or a local standard? Either way,itsme is ready and willing to share its knowledge and advice with you in this regard. This advice includes information taken from NEN standards in the Netherlands and international standards, such as those outlined under VDE, British Standards, Lloyds, UL/CSA, IEC and <HAR>, to name but a few examples. If you have any queries or requests for advice with regard to national or international standards, please contact our specialists.

Due to the versatility of itsme and our specialism, we act as an external extension of your purchasing department. Due to the endless scope and depth of knowledge that we possess on a commercial and technical level, our members of staff are more aware than anyone of what is going on within the European market. Therefore they are able to support your purchasing department with their range of knowledge, experience and advice.

Our specialists in cable technology offer the best price for the best solutions. Fitting solutions are available or can be found for all problems that arise. Are you already experiencing difficulties due to a break in a cable and you want the problem resolving?

Our product range knows no limits and includes more than just the global and local standards. Your needs, desires or requirements are covered through our range of products and services; from installation cables to cables that need to be specially manufactured. A random selection of our range of cables is as follows: crane cables, offshore cables, ship's cables, medium tension cables, transport cables, assembly wire and flex.