TCO Total Cost of Ownership – providing insight into costs

Do we opt for a generalist or should we call upon a reliable specialist?

Total Cost of Ownership is something of a hot topic at present. TCO relates to all costs required in order to procure a service or product and those costs that arise in operating this service or product and carrying out maintenance work on this. To date, the acquisition and management of E-MRO and OEM products has, for many companies, consisted of an unfathomable tangle of code numbers, products, logistical solutions, suppliers and contact persons.

Products are no longer purchased based on fixed price, quality and ease of operation; the questions that arise nowadays relate to indirect costs, for example, what are these, when do they arise and how can these be made “transparent”.

TCO is a clear ‘do-it-yourself’ method, in comparison with ‘contracting out’.

Our specialists are at your disposal to critically analyse applications and situations whereby TCO solutions are required within your chain, so that they can then help you seek the most efficient, time-saving and cost-saving options on offer.

It is essential that you have a reliable partner who can supply the goods you require quickly and with a high level of accuracy, it is also essential that new solutions are developed in order to save costs, boost knowledge and skills between companies and therefore boost the strength between both organisations. That is what makes itsme a reliable advisor.