1-to-1 links

Previously, communication regarding the range, prices, deliveries, orders and the progress of orders took place by telephone or by fax. Nowadays, however, communication takes place by e-mail or via the internet, which means that transactions only need to be carried out once. This is something you can actually use to your advantage. The fact that we are able to manage and develop SAP and ERP in-house means that we are able to link to you rapidly and in one operation. Thanks to the availability of e-mail and the internet, you can place your order with us directly and the order confirmation and associated invoices will be received electronically, enabling you to match them with the outstanding purchase order.The 1-to-1 link from itsme E-business makes it possible to automate the entire process from the quotation request right through to the invoice, thereby saving you both time and money.

Curious to find out more about the possibilities of a 1-to-1 link and about how you could benefit? Contact one of our advisers!

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E-mail: connectedbusiness@itsme.eu

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