Scanning helps you succeed!

Would you like to improve, optimise or change your order process? You can do this by using the scanning tools from itsme E-business (Connected Business). There are three variations; ESYscan, ESYscan Premium and ESYscan Special.

With ESYscan, you can scan barcode labels and choose from 4 different order quantities (1, 2, 5, 10x is the minimum order quantity). It is possible to order items from the catalogue and you are guaranteed to be charged the lowest price.

What is the additional benefit of the ESYscan Premium? You can order using a tailor-made method, read the output of the scanner yourself and place your order, and you can also include a linked order recommendation. Customised labelling with an individual minimum order quantity, barcode on the label or a tear-off slip. ESYscan Premium provides more facilities than the ESYscan.

Looking for a customised solution that corresponds with your ideas and requirements? If so, the ESYscan Special is the solution for you! After ordering, the scan is also read into the client's own ERP system.

Curious to find out more about the possibilities of  product scanning? Contact one of our advisers!

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