Industrial Automation

As a forward-looking specialist supplier in the field of industrial automation, we are the right partner to carry out your automation projects. itsme Industrial Automation offers a broad and in-depth support for your short-term problems, as well as your long-term challenges:

•Training courses
Why not give yourself and your employees an ongoing performance boost by charting out a personal training plan? Or refresh your memory by attending an intensive technical workshop. Sounds like a good plan? If so, why not take a quick look in our summary of courses or contact our department coordinator for a personalised recommendation?

•Service & Consultancy
Service & Consultancy will assist in your pre-engineering and will provide support and assistance with the realisation of your automation projects.

Our product specialists from Industrial Automation will support clients of the itsme companies by providing a unique combination of theory and practice. For them, you’re more than just a number. Thus if the situation so demands, they will also come to your assistance onsite.