Lighting technology

Developments in the field of lighting technology never ever stand still. Manufacturers of light sources and fittings are pushing out the boundaries of the technology, year after year. This is apparent if you look at the developments of the applications and possibilities offered by LEDs that have emerged in recently. Maintaining a close eye with regard to the application and quality is indispensable when it comes to knowing how to use light sources and fittings to the best possible effect and that is where our expertise lies.

We, at itsme Lighting Technology, can help you with that! When undertaking a new-build, renovating industrial or utility buildings, or when laying out public areas, lighting technology plays an important role. itsme Lighting Technology will supply you with all of the ingredients you need to create a successful lighting solution. High-quality products and dependable advice accompanied by relevant lighting calculations, including consideration of your lighting requirements, all form the ingredients of a tailor-made lighting plan.

Want to save costs, whilst still being sustainable, but don’t know how to achieve it? All advice and/or recommendations provided by itsme Lighting Technology always take the latest technology and environmental requirements into account. All advice is accompanied by details of the timeframe during which the solution will pay for itself, together with the cost and the savings that will be realised in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions.


Curious as to the savings you might be able to achieve? Or if you have any questions, contact our lighting advisers!