itsme Lighting Technology & Relux
Relux is an advanced, but user-friendly program that performs lighting calculations. itsme Lighting Technology is the official dealer of the Relux software for the Benelux countries.

Relux: An excellent tool
Relux is an advanced but user-friendly program that can be used by anyone to carry out lighting calculations. Relux is intended for those who work with light and lighting and who wish to adopt a more professional approach, however it is also ideally suited for use in a technical services context, in order to examine where lighting should be installed and what type of lighting would be suitable. Relux includes a whole host of facilities, including an interface with AutoCAD. That particular software is called ReluxCAD and it enables you to select a room in AutoCAD and to export it to Relux in the dwg file format, insert the necessary fittings and then re-export it back to AutoCAD. That means that all of the fittings appear in the dwg file at the correct locations. Relux is also an excellent tool with which to calculate your energy consumption and to determine where savings could be achieved.

Enhancing your knowledge of the software will enable you to provide your client with a more detailed explanation of your lighting recommendations, or provide a more effective rationale to support proposed investments. Thanks to the structure of the software, working with Relux is not all that complicated. We do however notice on a frequent basis that although Relux users who have not received any training are certainly capable of arriving at a positive result, they definitely do not make use of between 30% and 40% of the features of Relux. It is precisely those features that enable the user to project a professional image to the client, thereby increasing the opportunities of doing business.

Relux Tunnel
A programme by specialists for specialists. In collaboration with the Swiss Federal Roads Office [Bundesamt für Strassen] (ASTRA) and the Swiss Federal Office of Metrology [Bundesamt für Metrologie] (METAS) a program has been created to calculate the lighting that is required in tunnels. At the present time, the program supports standards and recommendations such as CIE88, standards for lighting and signage; CIE140 relating to calculations and SLG201, the standards relating to electronic components.

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